Cloning NFC tags

I've had good success with the following NFC reader:

$ nfc-scan-device 
nfc-scan-device uses libnfc 1.7.1
1 NFC device(s) found:
-     / CCID USB Reader:

First identify the original tag by placing it on the reader and running:

$ nfc-list
nfc-list uses libnfc 1.7.1
NFC device:     / CCID USB Reader opened
1 ISO14443A passive target(s) found:
ISO/IEC 14443A (106 kbps) target:
    ATQA (SENS_RES): 00  04  
       UID (NFCID1): ae  1a  5d  d6  
      SAK (SEL_RES): 08

Get the ATQA and SAK values above, and find your device below:

ATQA SAK Tag Model
00 04 08 MIFARE Classic 1k

(I only added above the ones I successfully managed to clone. This can help identifying other devices)