How is this Website Built?

The sources for this website are available in a Git repository:

$ git clone

Feel free to have a look at it, take inspiration from it if you like anything I did, or point out my mistakes so I can improve it.

The website is automatically rebuilt every time I push a new version of the sources, thanks to a post-receive Git hook:


set -e


cd /tmp
rm -fr ${TEMP_CLONE}
git clone ${SOURCE_DIR} ${TEMP_CLONE} >/dev/null 2>&1

make publish
rm -fr ${OUTPUT_DIR}.bak
test -d ${OUTPUT_DIR} && mv ${OUTPUT_DIR} ${OUTPUT_DIR}.bak
mv output ${OUTPUT_DIR}

git update-server-info


This website is built and served using a few awesome Free Software tools:

Thank you to all developers and artists who made and shared them freely!

And of course a big thank you to Anthony Bourguignon for graciously hosting this website.