Main skills

Free Software Contributions

Although that won't show you everything, you can find most of my contributions through my public profiles on a couple of websites:

However, there are a few contributions I would like to single out.

I developed an implementation of the Cangjie Chinese input method. This forced me to learn a lot about written Chinese, how characters are constructed, and how to input them with a keyboard. And all that without being able to read or write Chinese. :-)

I have been a Fedora contributor since 2008, first as a package maintainer later contributing code to various projects that form the Fedora build and release infrastructure, like Bodhi, Koji, rpkg/fedpkg, etc.

I have been a GNOME contributor since 2014, contributing to various projects in the GNOME umbrella.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer (contractor), Libraries Without Borders, 2015-2018

I co-maintain the Ideascube project with Matthieu Gautier.

This mostly involves working with Django, but also interfacing with the OS services like NetworkManager and systemd.

I also deployed a Buildbot-based build system to automatically generate Debian packages at each new release of the Ideascube application, and tremendously overhauled our Continuous Integration system.

Software Engineer (contractor), Brief.me, 2016-2017

I have worked on the existing Brief.me Django application, adding new features, fixing bugs, and paying back some of the technical debt it had accumulated.

Software Engineer (contractor), Contexte, 2016

I worked 6 months helping the existing team develop the new version of the Contexte.com application.

This involved a lot of Django work, in a fast-moving team with continuous integration and delivery.

Release Engineer, Red Hat, 2014-2015

I supported the developers during the development cycle, signing and releasing new versions when they were ready.

I also helped developing and maintaining the build infrastructure, which is based on the Fedora one.

Linux Platform Developer, Network Box (Hong Kong), 2011-2014

I was responsible for building a whole Linux distribution for the company's security products. The OS was based on RHEL, Fedora and some in-house developments.

I also had to maintain the build infrastructure, reusing Fedora's Koji, Bodhi, Dist-Git and rpkg.

During that time I built a few Python tools and libraries, either to interact with the build system (e.g nbpkg), or to integrate in the company products (e.g nbyum).

Finally, as the Release Engineer, I was providing support to the internal developers on the best ways for their software to integrate with the rest of the OS.

Software Engineer, ALD Automotive, 2009-2010

As a Devoteam consultant, I developped and maintained accounting applications, both for the desktop and the web.

Among other things, I participated to the development of the PyF flow-based programming framework.

Technologies used included Python, TurboGears and Gtk+.

System Engineer, France Télécom, 2008-2009

As a Devoteam consultant, I was tasked with managing RHEL servers running Apache/JOnAS applications.

I was in charge of the staging infrastructure, and of supporting the production team.

Software Engineer, Atos Worldline, 2007-2008

Web Application development in Java, J2EE.


Masters of Engineering - Telecommunications

I graduated from INSA de Lyon (France) in 2007.

Academic Exchange

During my masters cursus, I spent the 2005-2006 year studying at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Florianópolis (Brazil).

All classes were in Portuguese.