Introducing shomyu

The french Fedora community is currently using frappr to display thelocations of members and ambassadors.

We recently received a reminder from one of us, saying that all French ambassadors should subscribe to our frappr instance and set their location.

What a surprise! frappr is a non-free flash application that doesn't even work with swfdec (and thus I couldn't subscribe). Did I mention it was full of ads ?... :-/

That's why I started to write a free equivalent: shomyu (screencast).

On the technological side, shomyu uses:

  • Javascript with the OpenLayers API and geographical data from OpenStreetMap
  • Python / Turbogears for the backend, so that if there is interest to integrate it with the FAS (one can dream ^^),it will already fit the other Turbogears apps we have.

I'm about to release the code, I asked for being Fedorahosted.

Comments, feed-back, help, money or drinks are welcome :-)