FOSDEM 2009 report

On Sunday, I was at FOSDEM 2009 in Bruxelles.

I couldn't go on Saturday, and as a result, I missed the two talks that were interesting me the much: the ones from Greg and Tomeu about Sugar and Fedora. I hope the presentations will be uploaded on the fp.o page (or somewhere else), so that I can catch up.

I spent most of the time at the booth, which allowed me to meet a lot of Fedora Ambassadors I didn't know. Loved it. Talking with people from different local communities was great, and as we discussed with Yaakov, we (the French community) really need to work in a less insular way and share experiences with others.

Regarding the booth attendance, I was once again incredibly surprised to see how people are attracted by this little green and white alien on the tables. We had 4 XOs, all of them had almost always someone toying with it. The funny thing is it looked like Fedora can be summed up to the XO, as very few people were asking about Fedora specifically, while a lot were interested in the OLPC project.

I had two requests for live USB creations, but I failed on the second one. It was one of those keys with a fancy partition (seen as /dev/sr1 on my Fedora 10 laptop) with programs autoruned when you plug the key on Windows (something called "U3 System"). I tried three times to create the live USB (both with LiveUSB Creator and livecd-iso-to-disk), each time, the liveUSB was successfully created but couldn't boot. Could it be this "U3" stuff that prevents booting on such USB sticks ?

Second failure of the day, someone came with an Acer Aspire One, running a custom Fedora 8 (they call it Linpus). He wanted to be able to listen to MP3 files with Amarok, but as Fedora 8 was EOLed some time ago, I couldn't find the necessary packages. Big Fail to Acer: how can you honestly sell computers with an already EOLed system?

I could only assist to one talk: Cobbler and Koan. The talk was great, and those two look really interesting. I'm looking forward to use them at work.

So this was a great day, filled with encounters with great people, but also exhausting. I have only two regrets: not being able to go on Saturday, and not having gone there in previous years :-D. Thanks to all those who made this event a success for Fedora, and an (two) enjoyable day(s) for its community.