The Cangjians wish you a merry Christmas

About a year and a half ago now, we set out to fix what seemed to us like the one critical issue which was preventing broad adoption of Free Software in Hong Kong: the lack of a good Cangjie/Quick input method for IBus.

And today, at the foot of the Christmas tree, we have 3 presents: today we are releasing libcangjie 1.0, pycangjie 1.0, and IBus Cangjie 2.0.

This is a release we are very proud of, it is the achievement of a year and a half of hard work, of studying all about Chinese input methods, and the lessons we learned with our previous attempts.

Speaking of previous attempts, even though we don't use Wan Leung Wong's libcangjie any more (we rewrote it completely), the hindsight we got from WanLeung's original efforts was invaluable, and we wouldn't be where we are right now without it.

Without further ado, here are the links to the release:

Fedora packages are already on their way, and we'll get them very soon at least in Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

The major highlight from this release is that finally, we support all the characters which are important in Hong Kong out of the box.

But we're not done yet. For the next release, we are already working on a few things. Among others, suggestion of whole expressions and automatic translation from Traditional to Simplified Chinese are on our TODO list.

Merry Christmas to all, and don't hesitate to join us, send us code or bug reports, or just let us know how this release works for you.