I came back from Karlsruhe last week, where GUADEC 2016 took place.

It was a wonderful event. Even though it was only my second GUADEC, I felt at home in this community, meeting with old and new friends.

The talks were excellent, but a few really resonated with me:

Of course the most interesting discussions are sometimes the ones you have outside of the planned presentations, and probably one of the best for me was when Stef Walter showed me the amazing work they've done on the Cockpit project, especially since I should be able to reuse a lot of that for my work with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.

Other than that I spent quite some time hacking on a few things:

Overall, I spent most of the week on flatpak-related issues, which is a technology I'm growing to love more and more, and which could revolutionize the way we distribute applications for the Linux desktop.

And all those fixes allowed me to spend most of the trip back home playing in GNOME Games, running from a flatpak build of git master, with a PS3 gamepad. Obviously that's the only reason I worked on all of this! 😜

All in all, this GUADEC was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of the organization team.

Looking forward to the next one in Manchester!