Install Play it Slowly with Flatpak

Play it Slowly is a cool app which lets you play any audio file at any speed or pitch.

Some time ago Alexandre Franke told me about how he uses this app, and lamented the fact he couldn't easily install it on Fedora. At the time, I made a Copr repo with RPM packages of Play it Slowly, which seemed to make him happy.

But then came Flatpak, and I figured that providing Play it Slowly for everyone was even better than just for Fedora users, in addition to the sandboxing and dependency management advantages.

It took me a while, because I had completely forgotten about this app: it doesn't have regular releases, and the Copr packages worked just fine. :P

But finally, I pushed it to Flathub, and you can now trivially install it from there:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
$ flatpak install flathub ch.x29a.playitslowly

I made a few changes to the code, which improve the Flatpak integration, but really just are good practices which help even outside of Flatpak:

  • install the icons in the right folder (#15)
  • add an appdata file (#16)
  • rename the app id (#17 and #18)

Those were all merged upstream, but I had to add them to the Flatpak build until there is a new release.

I hope you'll find it useful, let me know how it works for you.