My Free Software activities in May 2018

Note: This is a new thing I'm trying: write a monthly report of my contributions to Free Software. Let's see how long that lasts. (I'm surprised I've been able to do it two months in a row)

Unemployment is great so far, giving me a lot of time to contribute in different areas, depending on my wims and the problems I find in the software I use daily.

If you like what I did and want me to continue, feel free to tip me at Liberapay. I don't particularly need the money so don't ruin yourself over it, but it will be good to know that my work is appreciated. 🙂


Flatpak / Flathub


  • Improved the data clean up

    I had sent the pull request in April, but found some issues with it this month.

  • I started playing with a Rust rewrite, which is a long way from being useful still, but it's pretty fun to do.