Following GNOME nightly Flatpak builds

Edit on 2018-10-03: the dashboard moved to

Over at GNOME, we build an SDK and lots of apps as flatpaks, directly from Git master. Unfortunately, the builds are quite regularly broken, and need a lot of baby-sitting to fix issues.

I used to do that regularly, but stopped sometimes after GUADEC 2017. With the freedesktop-sdk effort, I decided to get back into doing that.

Typically, you have to go to one of two addresses:

And then browse the directories to find the latest build logs for each module, see if they were failures, and try to fix them.

This manual browsing of directories is no fun, and it gets old very quickly, contributing to the general lack of desire to monitor and fix issues.

So I made something:

GNOME master build dashboard

It's a quick and dirty Python script running every 10 minutes in a cronjob on my server, generating a dashboard. There's even some notes about failures to keep track of the work in progress fixing them.

Now it's much easier to see all the build failures (and successes!) in one place, with links to the last build logs for each app / SDK.

Ideally something like this should end up in the GNOME infrastructure rather than on my personal server…

However, since we're eventually going to deprecate gnome-sdk-images and maybe even gnome-apps-nightly in favour of gnome-build-meta, it's probably not worth spending too much time on this.

I hope this helps. For now I'm going back to fixing the last few 30 or so build failures.