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  1. Ubuntu Party 9.10 à Paris

    Voila, maintenant que j'ai bien attiré l'attention de tout le monde avec un titre qui fait du buzz, on va pouvoir passer aux choses sérieuses. :-)

    Les 12 et 13 décembre 2009 auront lieu les Rencontres Fedora 12 à la Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie.

    Évidemment, vous pourrez amener votre …

  2. A git-aware prompt (part2)

    It seems I've been doing some unnecessary stuff in my previous post. Once again, when one tries to do something, he should always remember that someone most probably already had the same idea :-)

    Someone pointed to me in the comments that Git already provided a way to have a Git-aware …

  3. A git-aware prompt

    UPDATE: Gitigit in the comment talked about another env var that would show unstaged changes. This article thus contains wrong informations, see the next one to do things properly.

    Thanks for pointing me my mistakes Gitigit and Blah! :-)

    UPDATE: Blah pointed out in the comments that something already existed, but …

  4. Back from the LSM

    This week I was at LSM aka RMLL.

    I held the Fedora booth there, alone, for the whole 5 days.

    The event was really nice, I met a lot of people and tried to do my best promoting Fedora (which must not be a lot). My only regret is that …

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