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  1. 你好 Planet Open Source HK!

    It appears my first article has just been published on Planet Open Source Hong Kong and I didn't even introduce myself. How rude of me!

    So for those who don't know me yet, I'm Mathieu [pronounced somethinglike "馬吊"], better known in geek circles as "bochecha". I'm French, originally from that …

  2. A Linux user's Cybook experience

    EDIT Sun April 29 2012: It seems I failed at typing the article properly and the end was missing... Just fixed it.

    A few days ago I received my new Cybook Odyssey, so I thought I'd share my impressions.

    First of all, I've always been a bit worried about these …

  3. [Guest article] Now ready to promote my second favorite project

    Note: This article is from Nounours, a good friend of mine. He doesn't have his own blog (yet?), so I'm letting him use mine.

    For quite some time now, I had this beautiful tshirt to promote my favorite FOSS project in the whole world, Fedora:

    Fedora Nounours

    Well, thanks to Mathieu's …

  4. To the conquest of the East

    I talked about my moving earlier, and since a few hours, I'm finally in Hong-Kong.

    If there are some Fedoristas over here, and if you want to meet around a table (with drinks on it, of course ;)), just leave a comment or drop me an email.

  5. Build highly scalable applications with PyF

    A few days ago, we released PyF 2.0.

    - Yeah, that's nice and all, but what's PyF anyway?

    Right, I should have probably started with that. PyF is a pure Python framework for writing highly scalable data processing applications. PyF is Free software, distributed under the terms of the MIT …

  6. Change I can't believe in

    English version

    A few days ago, I received a confirmation from the Hong Kong Department of Immigration: my request for a working visa has been accepted. \o/

    This means that starting January 17th 2011, I will be working and living in Hong Kong.

    I still don't realize what has happened …

  7. Ricolaaaaaa

    I should probably have blogged this earlier, but:

    Fudcon Zurich

    I'm already in Zurich by the way, and I'll be meeting with Shaiton tonight. Drop me a line if you want to go have a drink.

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