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  1. IBus Cangjie in your own language

    Cheng-Chia Tseng recently opened a ticket in the IBus Cangjie bug tracker, submitting a Taiwan Chinese translation.

    This in itself is pretty awesome, but we didn't stop there: Cheng-Chia helped me set up a Transifex project for IBus Cangjie.

    That means it should now be very easy for translators all …

  2. IBus Cangjie now has a website

    A couple of minutes ago, I finished setting up a simple website for IBus Cangjie.

    Check it out:

    Nothing fancy, it's just a bunch of static pages generated with Sphinx, but the result is not too horrible. Help to make it better is obviously welcome. :-)

    One …

  3. Progress in ibus-cangjie

    I recently announced ibus-cangjie, the IBus input method engine for Cangjie and Quick that I have been working on.

    It is now almost two weeks later, and there is already some good progress to report on.

    I have added wildcard support to the Cangjie engine, and implemented a first pass …

  4. GNOME Calendar preview in Fedora 18

    Calendar will be a new core application for GNOME.

    It's still very early in its development, but it's starting to look pretty nice and to be usable.

    If someone wants to try it out, I made a repository with the latest Git HEAD packaged, just run the following:

    # wget http …
  5. GNOME 3.6 Release Party in Hong Kong

    On Saturday, we will be celebrating the release of GNOME 3.6 in Hong Kong.

    The program is as follows:

    • 14:35-15:20 - GNOME, A Free Operating System for everyone (by me)
    • 15:25-16:10 - Enlarge your GNOME (by Mart Van de Ven)
    • 16:15-17:55 - Unconference (by everybody)

    Everybody …

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