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  1. Blender nightly in Flatpak

    Over the past week I started on an experiment: building the git master branch of Blender in Flatpak.

    And I decided to go crazy on it, and also build all its dependencies from their respective git master branch.

    I've just pushed the result to my flatpak repo, and it ...

  2. Blender and Flatpak (bis)

    If you're one of the three people using my Flatpak builds of Blender, I'd like you to run the following commands:

    $ flatpak --user install bochecha stable
    $ flatpak --user make-current stable
    $ flatpak --user uninstall master

    The reason is that I ...

  3. GUADEC 2016

    I came back from Karlsruhe last week, where GUADEC 2016 took place.

    It was a wonderful event. Even though it was only my second GUADEC, I felt at home in this community, meeting with old and new friends.

    The talks were excellent, but a few really resonated with me:

    • Cosimo ...
  4. pip install pygobject

    This just happened.

    What that means is you can now install pygobject as you would any other module, with pip, in the comfort of your virtual environment:

    $ pip install git+

    Or, once it's been released (around mid-september):

    $ pip install ...
  5. Blender and Flatpak

    Edit on 2016-09-13: I have changed things a bit, the commands to install Blender from my repository are now:

    $ flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify bochecha
    $ flatpak --user install bochecha stable

    I recently wrote about having made an XDG App build of ...

  6. Play it Slowly in Fedora

    Some time ago, Alexandre told me about this really cool application he uses to slow down music in order to transcribe it: Play it Slowly.

    Since it's not in Fedora, I figured I'd package it quickly in a Copr, so he wouldn't need to install it manually ...

  7. GNOME Builder copr now for Rawhide only

    GNOME Builder is under heavy development. This usually implies that such an application might require very new versions of its dependencies.

    Upstream recently bumped their dependencies, and now require things that are only in Rawhide.

    I have no intention to provide development builds of Gtk3 (among other things) in a ...

  8. Bodhi 2 FAD

    I just came back from the Bodhi 2 FAD in Denver.

    I flew from Paris on Saturday 31st morning. Luke, Kevin, Ricky and I started hacking on Sunday morning, the other participants arriving during the day.

    The first two days, I started with many small things, as a warm up ...

  9. gom in Fedora

    I've been experimenting with gom, the GObject datamapper recently.

    With a lot of help from Bastien Nocera, I eventually managed to get started using it as an experiment for one of my projects.

    I have to say I'm quite impressed. Sure, writing GObject code is super verbose, but ...

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