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  1. Rebuilding a Debian package for another release

    Over at Ideascube we want to start using Cockpit for various appliance maintenance tasks.


    Feel free to use our packages, but don't expect anything. I built it to enable us to start playing with Cockpit, but we might never upgrade these packages, or we could as well remove them …

  2. Install Musicbrainz's Picard with Flatpak

    Picard is an amazing music tagging application, which I use regularly.

    I originally installed the Fedora package, but that didn't work very well. So I made a Flatpak build of it and used that, but I never actually shared it.

    Some time ago, I added it to Flathub, so that …

  3. Aggregate Blogs with Pelican

    I use Pelican for my website, including this blog, and I love it. So when the time came to start working on our professional website, it was the obvious choice.

    One thing we wanted was a page that aggregates our blogs. A view on what the individual members of the …

  4. Blender nightly in Flatpak

    Over the past week I started on an experiment: building the git master branch of Blender in Flatpak.

    And I decided to go crazy on it, and also build all its dependencies from their respective git master branch.

    I've just pushed the result to my flatpak repo, and it seems …

  5. Blender and Flatpak (bis)

    If you're one of the three people using my Flatpak builds of Blender, I'd like you to run the following commands:

    $ flatpak --user install bochecha stable
    $ flatpak --user make-current stable
    $ flatpak --user uninstall master

    The reason is that I had made …

  6. GUADEC 2016

    I came back from Karlsruhe last week, where GUADEC 2016 took place.

    It was a wonderful event. Even though it was only my second GUADEC, I felt at home in this community, meeting with old and new friends.

    The talks were excellent, but a few really resonated with me:

    • Cosimo …
  7. pip install pygobject

    This just happened.

    What that means is you can now install pygobject as you would any other module, with pip, in the comfort of your virtual environment:

    $ pip install git+

    Or, once it's been released (around mid-september):

    $ pip install …
  8. Blender and Flatpak

    Edit on 2016-09-13: I have changed things a bit, the commands to install Blender from my repository are now:

    $ flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify bochecha
    $ flatpak --user install bochecha stable

    I recently wrote about having made an XDG App build of …

  9. Play it Slowly in Fedora

    Some time ago, Alexandre told me about this really cool application he uses to slow down music in order to transcribe it: Play it Slowly.

    Since it's not in Fedora, I figured I'd package it quickly in a Copr, so he wouldn't need to install it manually.

    And then I …

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